Allu ArjunFor a while now, there has been a narrative on social media that all is not well between Allu Arjun and Ram Charan. These are now aggravated with the latest social media post of Allu Arjun.

In his appreciation tweet for team RRR, Bunny wrote “Big moment for INDIA. Elated to see a Telugu song shaking at the Oscars. Biggest Congratulations to my lovely brother @AlwaysRamCharan, our telugu pride @tarak9999.”

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The fact that Bunny referred to Charan just as his brother but at the same time, referred to Jr NTR as the Telugu pride has caught the attention.

Fans are pointing out that Allu Arjun’s references clearly shows his intent. They’re pointing out that Bunny paid a very high praise to Tarak and at the same time, gave a namesake mention to Charan.

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This has furthered ignited the rumors about the fallout between Charan and Bunny. This is what the fans believe as they say Allu Arjun knows how to pinch and where to pinch.

Whether the whole thing is being blown out of proportion by fans with their microscopic views, or did Bunny actually mean for the tweet to sound that way? We can’t quite affirm for now.

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