A section of Tamil cinema followers have made it a habit to intentionally provoke Telugu cinema followers. They have found a new point now and it has something to do with Malayalam star Prithviraj Sukumaran’s recent art film, Goat Life.

The argument from Tamil followers is that the below-par box office opening of Goat Life is a testament to the lack of cinema taste for Telugu folk who don’t encourage art films. They are claiming that the Telugu audience will encourage a film only if it has commercial scenes and whacky dance numbers.

This senseless argument is now being countered by Telugu cinema followers on social media. They are citing the recent success of Vishwak’s experimental Gaami as an example of the changing trend in Tollywood where art films are also gaining patronage.

The taste and sensibilities of the audience are subject to change and no one knows which film will be lapped up and when. Using the lack of response for Goat Life to troll the Telugu audience as a whole is as senseless as it can get.

While Tollywood is making mass commercial films that are ruling India, Tamil cinema is struggling to get even respectable openings up North. If Tamil’s cinema sense is so good, then shouldn’t the wider range of audiences encourage their films?