At-Nartanasala---Blame-It-on-Title-Director-or-FateWhen the theatrical trailer of ‘@Nartanasala‘ was not cut, we have related the confidence of the makers to that confidence of the makers of ‘Geetha Govindam’ and ‘Mahanati’. We even felt bad that Naga Shourya’s movie couldn’t get that online space one day before the release because of the tragedy in Nandamuri family.

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But, everything fell into pieces after watching the movie that has been spoilt beyond redemption. Taking the classic title was the biggest fear for Naga Shourya, but it should have been the story and the screenplay, not the title. Why blame the title when the debut director failed in every department. Instead of an engaging comedy, the movie turned out to be a total mess.

Nothing works in the movie and it’s a pain for the audiences to sit throughout the length of the movie. It isn’t the fate that has brought ill-luck for the movie. It’s the shoddily written screenplay, poor direction and weak performances that are to be blamed for delivering this spineless movie. What do you think? Did you expect a movie like this after a thorough entertainer like ‘Chalo’?

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