BB Non Stop: Ep 7: Ashu Reddy Dated Two Guys at a Time!*Warriors & Challengers lost sync*
As per the instructions from Bigg Boss, Warriors will have to eat after Challengers complete their meals. But, they are delaying sometimes causing trouble to warriors. On this aspect, the arguments took place in the house.

*Hamida vs Sarayu*
Hamida and Sarayu are in team Warriors and they seem to have issues among them. In the kitchen, the duo had issues with one another. Later, during another task, Sarayu tried to provoke Hamida by asking her about a person that she is seeing. Hamida felt uncomfortable and got angry on Sarayu. They continued arguing with each other and it resulted in Sarayu getting emotional and crying.

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*Siva tries to build relation with Bindu*
On a funny note, Siva is trying to build a rapport with Bindu Madhavi and wooing her but she apparently called him brother.

*Akhil is a good kisser & Ashu Reddy dated two guys at a time*
In the BB No Filter task, the contestants answered some private questions.

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Q: If you get a chance to date one of your ex-partners, who would it be?
Bindu Madhavi: My college friend who was my first love.

Q: Were you a toxic partner in your relationships?
Tejaswi: Yes, I parted ways with my partners only because of my toxicity.

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Q: Did you ever think to leave a relationship when it’s not working out but your partner says let’s try it?
Mumait Khan: Yes, he asked for space and I moved on from the relationship in three days.

Q: Did you ever receive the worst advice?
Sravanthi: Yes, a person told me that my teeth are not looking nice.

Q: Are you a good kisser? How do you know that?
Akhil: Yes, I am. My ex mentioned that many times.

Q: Did you ever date a married woman?
Siva: Yes.

Q: Did you ever date two persons at a time?
Ashu Reddy: Many times. When two guys come in front of me in good dressing style, why would not I do that?

Q: Did you ever give bad advice to someone?
Natraj: No, I always give good advice.