Bigg Boss Non Stop Ep 16Bigg Boss TV show is currently in the second week. After the nominations phase, the challengers are trying to display their upper hand in the house, over the warriors. Amidst multiple tasks and arguments, a lot of drama is unfolding in the Bigg Boss house.

Sarayu gets emotional

Sarayu is one of the weakest contestants in the Bigg Boss house right now. She was in the danger zone in the first week but somehow, she survived in the house. However, she is not happy that who she considers are loved ones showing their true colors. For the same reason, she cried in the house.

Right Questions & Wrong Answers

This is the morning task in the house where the Challengers will have to ask questions to which the warriors will have to give wrong answers.

Sarayu vs Bindu: Sarayu won
Ashu vs Siva: Ashu won
RJC vs Natraj: Chaitu won
Ajay vs Ariyana: Ajay won
Ashu vs Siva: Ashu won

Warriors won the task.

Fight for Punishments

In the Bigg Boss house, it has become a big headache between the warriors and challengers, with regards to giving punishments to the warriors. Chaitu and Bindu wanted to punish Tejaswi and Ariyana. Tejaswi argued that they won the task and can’ take punishments. The argument prolonged leaving Tejaswi emotional. Challengers said that Tejaswi, Hamida, and Ariyana should cook as a punishment. Tejaswi denies and says that the challengers should do all the chores as a punishment. Later, Tejaswi said that they should share their works, and Chaitu, Bindu said that she is changing her words. Tejaswi and Chaitu argued. Tejaswi cried and walked away. Akhil consoled her.

Roti Kapda Makaan

In order to achieve bedroom access and clothes access, the warriors are asked to perform some dares.

Bigg Boss gives a task for the warriors to get back their things.

The first task is that one should place the tyres in the order given by Bigg Boss.

Anil and Mahesh played the task and Anil won.

The second task is that they have to cut a cake without dropping the cherry.

The cherry dropped after Akhil cut the cake. The challengers say that the cherry dropped after Akhil cut the cake and warriors fought saying that the cherry dropped after some time.

After arguing, the warriors gave the point to challengers. Ashu cried and Shiva consoled her.