BB Non-Stop: Ep 15: Did Siva bodyshame Sarayu?Mondays are for nominations and in the current episode, there are a lot of housemates placed in the nominations. The housemates begin their day with tarot reading and predict their future in the BB house. While they get ready to face the nominations, Sravanthi receives a special surprise.

*Siva vs Sarayu*
While sweeping the floor, Sarayu told Siva, “Thagginchukunte Manchidi.” Siva then replied her back saying, “Nenu already thagge unnanu, nuvve taggali,” and she has taken it in a way where Siva is body-shaming her. However, captain Tejaswi intervened and gave a clarity that Siva did not mean it in that way.

*Morning Activity – Tarot Reading*
In the morning activity, the tarot reading has taken place. Siva turned the tarot reader and has made predictions about everyone in the house in a funny manner.

The nominations took place in a dramatic manner where the challengers are given a chance to nominate two inmates but warriors has a chance to nominate only one housemate. Challengers can nominate two housemates from the Warriors but the Warriors can nominate only one challenger.

Sarayu – Siva
Ashu – Mitra
Akhil – Siva
Tejaswi – Anil
Mahesh – Anil
Natraj – Siva
Hamida – Mitra
Ariyana – Sree Rapaka

Rj Chaitu – Akhil, RJ Chaitu
Sravanthi – Sarayu, Natraj
Sree Rapaka – Ariyana, Sarayu
Anil – Sarayu, Hamida
Ajay – Sarayu, Mahesh
Bindu – Natraj, Sarayu
Mitra – Ashu, Hamida
Siva – Sarayu, Akhil

– Akhil and Siva argued over Monal again. Akhil felt that Siva is unnecessarily trying to pull out a controversy by discussing that issue.

– During a task, Akhil mentioned that Chaitu might be projected in a bad way in the eyes of audiences. It was his instinct response for which he apologized and Chaitu accepted it. But, Chaitu went ahead and nominated Akhil which the ex-inmate did not like and argued over the same.

– Ashu Reddy claimed that Mitra is giving negative vibes in the house and Mitra did not accept it. Both argued for a long time where Mitra asked Ashu to stop complaining about her.

Final Nominations:
Sarayu, Akhil, Hamida, Anil Rathod, Mitra, Ariyana, Siva, Natraj Master, Sree Rapaka, Mahesh and Ashu Reddy