Bigg Boss Non-stop: Episode 27: Who Played the Secret Task?The 18th day began on an exciting note where Bigg Boss asked the housemates to make guesses about the secret task plater. After that, the captaincy task eventually resulted in the house getting a new captain.

*Who played Secret Task*
This week’s captaincy task is all about making guesses and generating the fun in the house. Bigg Boss asked the housemates to guess the name of the housemate who made decisions in the house. A few thought it is Siva and a few thought it is Ariyana and a few thought about others.

Ajay, Ashu, Chaitu, and Hamida guessed it right.

*Captaincy Contenders*
Ajay, Ashu, Chaitu, and Hamida have become the captaincy contenders along with Siva and Ariyana. After the task, Bigg Boss gave back all the ration.

*New Captain in the house*
The task took place in three rounds.

In the first one, the contenders will have to make a cup pyramid on them. Bindu is the sanchalak. Ariyana is eliminated.

In the second one, the contenders have to pick the colored and shaped blocks. Ajay is eliminated.

In the third round, the contenders should pick a housemate to hold the pillar for them. RJ Chaitu won the task and became the new captain of the house.

Chaitu picked Hamida as the new ration manager.