BB Non Stop: Ep 31: Nomination Express Creations Tension!Bigg Boss reality show, titled Bigg Boss Non-Stop entered the fourth week and the nominations segment is interesting again. Bigg Boss used a strategy that was earlier used in Season 5 where he sent a vehicle inside the house so that the nominations will take place.

*Nominations Procedure*
Bigg Boss placed a horn inside the house. The inmates will have to pick it when the buzzer rings. Whoever picks it first will gain the access to it. They can sit in the dirivng seat of the vehicle called Nomination Express was placed in the garden area. After that, the person in the driving seat can pick two housemates as his nomination. The nominated housemates will have to debate among themselves about who will deserve to be in the house. The rest of the house will then decide who should get nominated.

Each housemate will have only three chances to sit in the driving seat. The nominated contestants will not get a chance to sit back in the vehicle or take part in the competition for the horn.

*Most Nominated*
Siva was most nominated in the house and it is also by Natraj. In the initial rounds, Siva was saved but finally, he was also in the nominations.

Natraj – Siva, Bindu – Bindu nominated
Natraj – Siva, Mitra – Mitra Nominated
Natraj – Siva, Anil – Anil nominated
Mahesh – Ashu, Ariyana – Ariyana nominated
Mahesh – Akhil, Ajay – Ajay nominated
Mahesh – Siva, Tejaswi – Siva nominated
Ariyana – Hamida, Sarayu – Sarayu Nominated

*Interesting Combinations*
Siva-Bindu, Ariyana-Ashu, Ajay-Akhil and Hamida-Sarayu are interesting combinations.

*Final List of Nominations*
Bindu, Mitra, Anil, Ariyana, Ajay, Siva and Sarayu