BB Non-stop: Sree Rapaka to Be Eliminated in Week 2Bigg Boss Non-Stop is one of the popular reality shows on the OTT. The show is currently getting streamed on the Disney+ Hotstar app. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host. There are 11 members in the nominations. Sarayu, Akhil, Hamida, Anil Rathod, Mitra, Ariyana, Siva, Natraj Master, Sree Rapaka, Mahesh, and Ashu Reddy are in the nominations of the second week. We have an interesting update on the eviction of the second week.

The latest reports say that Sree Rapaka is eliminated in the second week of the game show. The buzz is that both Mitra and Sree Rapaka were in the danger zone and in the end, Nagarjuna reportedly confirmed that Rapaka is evicted from the show.

Mumait Khan was eliminated from the reality show in the first week. Now, for the second week, it is Sree Rapaka.

With Sree Rapaka’s eviction, there will be 15 members in the house. We have to see what Rapaka had to say before coming out of the house.