Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu:After a tough fight, the Warriors gain access to their luggage. For the next task, the cops should retrieve wooden dolls from the smugglers. The task has started fights and arguments between the warriors and challengers.

Basket Bonanza
In the Roti Kapda Makan challenge, Bigg Boss introduced a Basket Ball game. Both warriors and challengers will have to throw the ball in the basket and the team that gains more points will win the task. However, it was a tie. But, they played Super Throw in which Warriors won the task. It resulted in the Warriors gaining access to their luggage.

Captaincy Task – Taggede Le

For this week, the captaincy task is Taggede Le. The warriors are the smugglers while the challengers are the cops in the house. There are two check posts in the house. The warriors will have to smuggle the wooden dolls and the cops will have to seize them.

Initially, the two teams tried to discuss some rules but they failed to arrive on the same page.

Challengers did not give any scope for the warriors to play the game by blocking all ways. Bigg Boss then announced that the challengers can not do it.

In the first task, the warriors will have to smuggle five toys and they have successfully done the same.

Rules & Arguments

During the Taggede Le task, the warriors started throwing the dolls from inside to outside. In this process, a couple of dolls hit the challengers. Especially, Sree Rapaka was injured. Challengers decided to stop the game but warriors continued playing and won the first task.

About the rules and the way warriors played the game, multiple arguments took place between the two teams.

Bindu Madhavi vs Natraj

Natraj mentioned that the people should have a beautiful heart when Bindu was in the storeroom. She took it as a passing comment and argued with him. Bindu told Natraj that she is someone who will talk face to face and won’t indulge in cheap activities like passing comments on someone’s back. To this, Natraj also argued with her saying that he did not say anything wrong.

Game Status

The game is in pause. Warriors won the first task.