Blamed For Divorce, But Sam Still With Him!ChaySam divorce saga is still one of the most talked-about topics on social media. Not so long ago, there were unverified news reports that the Akkineni family is displeased with Samantha‘s apparent closeness with her stylist, Preetham Jukalkar and the latter is one of the main reasons behind the divorce.

Despite Preetham being blamed for Samantha and Naga Chaitanya‘s divorce, the former hasn’t severed ties with Preetham. Her latest Instagram post implies the same.

Sam shared a snap of her giving a haircut to Preetham. The duo is seen having funny banter over this post. Also, Preetham was recently spotted alongside Samantha at an awards function as he was seen enhancing Sam’s outfit while she posed to the cameras. It appears to be that Sam and Preetham are good friends.

It can be understood that the divorce turmoil and all the hate Preetham faced during the same hasn’t affected his relationship with Samantha. Sam knows full well what actually happened during the divorce saga and she did not ruin her friendship with Preetham and ultimately his career, just for the sake of a few baseless allegations made by a few people.