The usually lucrative summer season has been torn to shreds by Tollywood with not a single star hero film hitting the theaters. Even the films that have hit the box office recently have wrapped up their run.

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Tillu Square and Family Star are done with the theatrical and the subsequent week release, Geethanjali Malli Vachindi has also bombed big time.

With not a single new choice, the Tollywood box office exhibited dead air last weekend and Tollywood filmmakers have no one to blame but themselves.

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Had any other mainstream hero come up with even a decent product, the existing vacuum and the summer season advantage could have worked wonderfully well for their films. But strangely, not a single notable film has hit the theaters.

Tillu Square is a clear winner at the box office with its Rs 100+ cr grossing final run. What must be noted is that Tollywood has produced only two blockbusters in 2024 – HanuMan and Tillu Square.

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Kalki which was earlier slated for summer release opted out and this meant that the only star film for summer has also vacaed the spot, leaving space for dead vacuum.