Can Neel Oblige Prabhas To Do It?The promotional campaign of KGF 2 is progressing on a rather dull note. The makers have pinned all their hopes on the trailer which will be out on 27 March and they aren’t putting much of an effort into innovative promotions that can greatly boost the hype surrounding the film.

Now, a few of KGF 2’s hardcore followers are asking the makers of the Yash starrer to bring in Prabhas as the chief guest for the film’s Telugu pre-release event. They say Prabhas would have already built a close rapport with the director of KGF 2, Prashanth Neel (even Salaar), and it would be of great help if the former attends KGF’s promotional event. Well, this is near impossible, and here’s why.

For example, in one of RRR’s recent promotional videos, Jr NTR is seen asking Rajamouli if Prabhas will attend RRR’s premieres. Rajamouli funnily replies “Prabhas…. premieres ki kadili raavadam… adi jarige pain kaadu..” (in short, bringing Prabhas to the premieres is next to impossible). This clearly demonstrates that Prabhas is not too keen to attend public events. If Rajamouli himself says it is near impossible, then we better believe it.

If Prashanth Neel really is to bring Prabhas for KGF 2’s event, it would take some doing. That said, Yash had attended Salaar launch event that was held in Hyderabad later last year. If Prabhas intends to return the favor by attending KGF 2’s event, then there is a real possibility of him taking part in the same.