Coming a Film of NTR? Here Are the Caste PoliticsWhen a group of media tries to write about the role of TDP and Kamma Caste on NTR, you will know that his film release is round the corner. Gone are the days, there used to be articles about SMSes are being circulated asking TDP Cadre and Kamma Caste people not to watch the films of the actor. They said Balayya and TDP are behind such messages creating rifts between the supporters.

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Now that those tactics have become old, this media is writing the news that Kammas see no future in support Balakrishna in films and so decided to support NTR once again. NTR for the last few films started garnering the support of all the people from all quarters. This new ploy is to make him a hero of a particular caste and so other caste audience will stay away from his films.

NTR is just one hit away from attaining the invincible position in Tollywood. Naturally, these guys are worried and are jealous of his growth. The actor seems to have realized that and started staying mum about politics and so they are trying to instigate the good will with this caste angle. This kind of propaganda will only increase if Jai Lava Kusa becomes a blockbuster.

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