Fight added in Charan’s GAV?
Ram Charan is currently acting in a film titled Govindudu Andari Vadele directed by Krishna Vamsi. The film as we all know is a complete family entertainer typical of director Krishna Vamsi. What might not be known to the general audience at large is that when the film was launched it was said that there would be no fights whatsoever in the film and it would be a clean family entertainer in true sense.

However according to the latest shooting details it looks like the script is getting modified a bit to suit the ‘action’ image of Ram Charan. This does not mean that the film will have some big action sequences but reports suggest some light hearted fight scenes may be added to the narrative to keep the fan base happy. Currently a fight sequence is being shot for the film in Hyderabad. First Venkatesh was replaced, and then recently the music director, now changes in script, we wonder if the final product would be anything like what the director has imagined and promised to the fans at the announcement of the film.