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Indian 2 Songs: What Happened To Shankar’s Legacy?

Indian 2: Shankar Lost His Magical Touch?

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Shankar, renowned for his cinematic brilliance and penchant for captivating music albums, has historically enjoyed epic collaborations with A.R. Rahman, alongside occasional partnerships with Harris Jayaraj.

However, recent songs from his films suggest that he has been neglecting the music department.

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In his latest venture, Shankar opted for collaboration with Anirudh for the first time in the highly anticipated Indian 2 (Bharateeyudu).

The songs from Indian 2 received a mixed reception, with comparisons inevitably drawn to Rahman’s iconic compositions from the original.

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None of the songs could match the brilliance of Telephone Dhwani La, Pachhani Chilukalu, or Maya Maschindra from Bharateeyudu (Indian).

While tracks like Paara (Souraa) and Neelorpam were decent, others failed to resonate as deeply. The views on YouTube for the songs are also not encouraging. The hype for the film is also not picking up due to not-so-appealing songs.

Also many were disappointed over the absence of the original theme music from “Indian 2,” with some feeling that Anirudh’s musical style didn’t quite complement the franchise’s established tone.

Some reactions on social media: “Indian 2 album’s pretty okay. Fun and might work really well in theatres. It doesn’t have the epic vibe of the 90’s Indian album, but I’m counting on the background score to bring in that extra grandeur.”

Another user wrote, “The Indian 2 album by Anirudh is a reflection of today’s times and today’s music. There is no point talking about how this is in no way close to what A R Rahman conjured up in the 1996 version. Will it stand the test of time? No, but this is today’s music for today’s audience.”

One of the users harshly commented, “Nowadays kids should understand one thing! Virat can’t become Sachin and Anirudh can’t become Rahman”

The response to Shankar’s other film, Game Changer’s song Jaragandi also turned out to be underwhelming, failing to generate significant buzz on digital platforms like YouTube.

This ‘Thanda’ response has prompted speculations regarding Shankar’s depreciating taste in music, especially considering his track record of delivering epic soundtracks that once resonated deeply with audiences.