Puri Jagannadh - Charmee Kaur - Astrologer Munnangi BaluActor and producer Charmme Kaur’s recent post on Twitter when she shared the picture of their personal astrology advisor left many in surprise wondering if that was true. Both Puri Jagannadh and Charmme were seen posing with astrologer Munnangi Balu.

With the kind of movies he makes, the ideology he spreads through movies, interviews, speeches and podcasts, it’s unlikely that one would expect Puri Jagannadh believing in astrology. It’s hard to believe this fact that actually came as a shocking surprise.

Going by the ideology that he propagates through his speeches and interviews, Puri Jagannadh never gave a hint that he was one of those who would believe something like astrology. But, that’s called the irony of life when something unexpected unfolds.

Maybe, in the glamour field that predominantly business when the fate of artists and technicians changes every Friday, astrology, superstitions etc. make way quite easily and that shouldn’t be a surprise, though. What say?