Hats off to Naresh’s dedication: Ravi Babu

Ravi Babu has carved a niche for himself as a filmmaker with films such as Allari, Anasuya and Avunu. His next outing is a romantic-comedy titled ‘Laddu Babu’, featuring Allari Naresh in an extremely fat character. While Naresh character was done using prosthetic makeup, Ravi Babu said he struggled hard to keep it on his body and act with great difficulty.

He says with the make up on his body Naresh weighed an extra 50 kg of his usual body weight. He said there were instances during the shoot of the film when Naresh feel down because he couldn’t manage the weight of his body. While it was extremely funny to watch him to fall down and roll on the floor, Ravi says he is in awe of Naresh’s dedication for the role in the film. Ravi has clarified that the film is not inspired from any English but the character is based on a film starring Eddie Murphy.

He says Naresh has not tried to do comedy in the film, but the scenes featuring him are done in a way that they automatically evoke laughter. The film is slated for a summer release.