hello-guru-prema-kosame-will-dil-raju-and-ram-break-the-shacklesIt is only a matter of few releases, and all the luck in the world seems to be missing when it was precisely the opposite few movies before. And who can attest to this better than Dil Raju?

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The star producer had six successful films on the trot last year, and now he is struggling to get one a year later. He had two releases, and both were turkeys at the box office. He is pinning hopes on his third production, Hello Guru Prema Kosame to get him back on track.

While that is the case of Dil Raju, hero Ram has a different problem altogether. He has everything it takes to be a big star, but for the past few years, he has been relegated to obscurity. The volume of films is low and most of them barring Nenu Shailaja, and Pandaga Chesuko to some extent have been failures.

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The problem is not the lack of success, but there seems to be lack of drive to succeed. The number of actors in his league and the competition has increased many folds in the last few years. He could be one of the stars to register good following in Telugu states as well as the US, but the effort is missing.

Unlike the producer and hero, director Trinadha Rao Nakkina seems to believe in scoring success. Irrespective of his stories, there is a visible attempt to entertain and engage the audience. Right now, all hopes are on the director to get the “entertainment” factor right and score a hat-trick hit. His last two films were Cinema Choopistha Mava and Nenu Local. Hello Guru Prema Kosame hits cinemas in a few days from now on October 18.

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