“How Could They Spend So Much On Vijay Deverakonda”The Liger losses saga is still going on. Puri filed a complaint against buyers, saying they are blackmailing him to compensate for the losses, something he is not legally entitled to. Now, senior Tollywood personality Tammareddy Bharadwaj has commented about the same.

“Who asked these buyers to spend so much on Vijay Deverakonda? Don’t they know his market or how his previous few films performed? They can’t overspend on a film and then ask for compensation after the film fails.” Bharadwaj said.

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Adding further, the senior personality said “this is not a right practice. The buyers should instead look to buy a film with right estimation. No one’s asking them to buy the films. Did Puri go to their houses and request them?”

Bharadwaj added that a similar thing happened previously with Neninthe as well. He faulted the buyers for first overspending and then falling behind the makers.

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