Here we are giving you some of the much awaited item numbers. We are asking you to choose your favourite out of these. ‘Like’ for you favourite song.

1. Veyyira Cheyyi Veyyira from Panja

The item number ‘Veyira Cheyi Veyira’ from Panja created a rage when the audio of the movie released. Superb lyrics by Rama Jogayya Sastry and excellent vocals by Saloni lured the mass audience. Anjali Lavania displayed all her oomph in the song but the song could not get much recognition as the movie failed to do well at the box office.

2. Kevvu Keka from Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh is the remake of Hindi blockbuster, Dabangg in which the item number Munni Badnam song and the item girl Malika Arora had created a sensation across the nation. Gabbar Singh makers tried to recreate the same magic and roped Malaika Arora to dance for the ‘Kevu Keka’ song. However, she could not mesmerize the Telugu audience as expected.

3. Maha Maha from Mantra

‘Maha Maha’ song from Mantra starring Charmee might be a rip off from ‘My humps’ from Black eyed peas but the song in Telugu set the screen on fire. Charmee’s glamour had took the song to next level. In fact, the song trailer was one of the reasons for creating a buzz for the movie but the movie failed to cash it.

4. Ippatikinaka Naa Vayasu from Pokiri

‘Ippatikinaka Naa Vayasu ninda padhahare’ from Pokiri was penned by Bhaskarbhatla and rendered by Murali and Suchitra. The song had established Mumaith Khan at the pinnacle of item girls. She literally made a career out of the song. It was unarguably the biggest chart buster of that year. The movie went on to become an industry hit which also helped the song to become more popular.