Kalki 2898 AD

Kalki 2898 AD which marks the coming together of Prabhas and Nag Ashwin is one of the costliest projects in the making in Indian cinema and the stakes are really high on this one. But as it appears, there is far too much talk on this film with little consolidated action.

Firstly, there are countless reports on the theatrical release date of the film. A few say the film is pushed to May 30, and a few say the makers are holding back on release till a new government is formed in AP which would facilitate special shows and ticket hikes. Others say a June or July release is certain for the film.

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For whatever reason, a film of Kalki’s scale must have a clear arrival plan. A consolidated release date must be locked at the earliest and the promotional material must be scheduled in such a way that the anticipation skyrockets by the time of the release.

More importantly, the audience know very little about the theme and nature of Kalki, given that no major promotional material has been unveiled till now. So, the best way forward will be to announce the official release date and schedule the promotional plan parallelly.

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The onus is on the makers of this heavy-duty project to cut back on all the talk that has been happening on the film and go with a clear-cut release plan that would help the film’s cause. Leaving space for release date speculations and holding back on the promotional and stage-setting content will be of no help.