KGF 2 Fate in U.S. - Deciding Factor!KGF 2 is one of the highly anticipated pan-India films of 2022. The film is due for release on the 14th of April. The latest news is that Hombale Films, who are bankrolling both KGF 2 and Prabhas’s Salaar, have closed the overseas rights deal.

We are hearing that Hombale Films have sold the overseas rights of KGF 2 and Salaar as a package for a big amount. Notably, the Telugu population in the USA are the major contributors for any big-ticket film. The Telugu audience turns up in big numbers for top-tier films and that is the reason why Telugu films mint big bucks from USA premieres.

For instance, recent Telugu biggies, Bheemla Nayak and Radhe Shyam made over $1.2 million from USA premieres + opening day in the USA. The Telugu crowd will be ready to even pay $25 – $30 for premieres tickets, unlike any other Indian-origin set of cinema-goers in the USA. This will give a natural advantage to Salaar, but what about KGF 2?

The Telugu population in the USA will play a decisive role in the box office returns of KGF 2 in the overseas circuit. Will they see KGF 2 as an event film on par with RRR or any other top-tier Telugu biggie and turn up in big numbers, thus ensuring strong premieres? Or will they see KGF2 as just a dubbed film, which could prove to be a disaster for KGF 2? We will know the answer on 14 April as the Yash starter hits the theatres.

Another point to be noted is that even if KGF 2 has good buzz, the promotions will hold the key if the film is to prompt the audience to turn up in big numbers. As of now, there isn’t much going on, as far as KGF 2’s promotions, while the RRR movie U.S. distributor is surprising the trade and fans with their aggressive promotions. That needs to change quickly, if the film is to go great guns.