namrata-shirodkarThe Large-scale Special Shows trend started with Pokiri and has become mainstream. Mega fans are trying to beat Pokiri’s record with Jalsa on Pawan Kalyan’s Birthday (September 2nd).

They got Jalsa print remastered into 4K and the movie is releasing in a good number of theaters in AP and Telangana. The initial response from the fans has been excellent with many shows being full or fast-filling.

Meanwhile, a section of fans started allegations against Mahesh Babu and Namratha. They started alleging that AMB Cinemas, the Best multiplex in Hyderabad under the influence of Namratha is refusing shows to Jalsa fearing that Pokiri’s record will be gone.

But it turned out to be a meaningless allegation. AMB Cinemas will be screening Jalsa and the bookings have opened too.

AMB demands higher revenue sharing from producers as well. So, that has delayed the talks for screening Jalsa. In this gap, Mega fans made unfair allegations against Mahesh Babu, Namratha, and their team.

Interestingly, Mahesh Babu only holds a minor stake in AMB Cinemas with Asian Suniel holding the majority.