In exactly a month from today, Mahesh Babu will be celebrating his birthday. There are social media reports that Rajamouli plans to hold a mega event to officially announce his film with Mahesh Babu. This could be on the lines of RRR announcement event, it seems.

Firstly, with this being Rajamouli’s immediate next film after RRR which was a global sensation in many ways thanks to its good run in the West and Japan, the stakes are high on the film with Mahesh.

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If at all Rajamouli actually decides to hold the announcement on August 9, marking Mahesh’s birthday, then there is the need to hit it out of the park.

Rajamouli usually follows the unannounced tradition of publicizing the theme of this film before commencing the shoot and then market it relevantly. With the film with Mahesh being a globetrotting adventure, the expectation is that Rajamouli will project it on the global canvas.

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Moreover, there is a lot of anticipation on Rajamouli moulding Mahesh. Mahesh is mostly known for soft roles and charming looks. Rajamouli is knowns for masculine heroes and extravagant action. The stark contrast in these two aspects is the mainstay. If Rajamouli gives a feeler of this right on the day of announcement, it could set the stage for what is to come.