NTR is undoubtedly one of the best actors in current generations but his improper grooming of hair and lack of maintenance of body fitness had hampered his chances to become closer to al the sections of modern youth. It took very long time for NTR to realise that. But as they say it is better late than never. The actor seemed to have learnt his lesson. He had hired a special stylist to groom a new hair style for his upcoming movie Badshah. The stylist had recently flew down from Mumbai and had done styling tests on NTR and zeroed in on a hair style.NTR will be seen in a fresh look with some spikes in the front. He will travel all along with Badshah unit till the completion of the movie.

The regular shooting of the movie will begin in early July in Italy. The movie story is mostly set in abroad and the team will be shooting in Italy for 45 days. Kajal Agarwal is playing the female lead.