Allu Arjun - Rustic Look‘Pushpa’ is that kind of project that doesn’t allow the fans to keep quiet and they tend to come up with their fan-made posters for the time being to satiate their thirst to get more of Allu Arjun as Pushparaj in the Sukumar directorial.

What do you think about this fan-made poster of Allu Arjun smoking beedi while carrying a bunch of bananas? The rustic look, the unkempt hair and of course, that beedi is quite appealing. Till now, we’ve got to see the terrific and wild face of ‘Pushpa’.

This poster is showing the smiling face of Pushparaj, a treat for fans. With all the credentials written on the poster about the release date and the crew, it may look like an official one if not for the quality of the poster. Anyway, the stylish star’s fans wouldn’t complain, though.