Pooja Fails to Convince on the Differences With PrabhasRadhe Shyam is all set to release on the 11th of this month. The makers anxious about the result as it’s a big budget film but the one aspect which has caught the imagination of many is the cold war that is happening between Prabhas and Pooja Hegde.

The other day, Prabhas attended the press and did not utter a single word about Pooja Hegde. This has made things quite obvious there is something that is not right at the moment. The same was asked to Pooja and she failed to give a convincing explanation.

Pooja says even she has been hearing so much about this but adds that one should not believe in things which are not true. During the interview, Pooja only says that one should look at the chemistry between the two of them in the film and not bother about all this.

This clearly shows that things are not well. Not once does Pooja say that there is no difference between them and nothing has happened in the past. On a very clever note, she keeps talking about how the media has twisted this issue and given it a new angle. But sadly, the more she is talking, the more it is getting evident that things are not well between her and Prabhas.