Nara Rohit’s comeback film, “Prathinidhi 2,” has released its trailer, filled with relatable dialogues relevant to current-day politics. The twin Telugu states have fully entered the political mood, with Andhra Pradesh heading for assembly and general elections and Telangana gearing up for parliamentary elections. In this political climate, the theatrical trailer for the hot-take political film “Prathinidhi 2” has been unveiled, and it hits the mark.

Nara Rohit is seen as an upright political journalist who goes to any extent to fight for the rightful cause which in turn lands him trouble.

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Although it appears to be directly or indirectly targeting corrupt politicians, the trailer maintains cinematic interest.

However, very little is revealed about the actual core plot of the film, which is crucial for “Prathinidhi 2” to succeed in theaters.

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The female cast, including Indraja and Udaya Bhanu, brings freshness to the trailer despite their brief glimpses. The rest of the supporting cast looks fine.

The trailer undoubtedly captures attention with its instantly relatable political punches. However, the film’s success in theaters will depend on how exciting and engaging the core story and its drama are.

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Being a follow-up to the successful film “Prathinidhi” is an advantage, but everything ultimately depends on director Murthy Devagupthapu’s vision for how gripping the drama is.

Watch the trailer below: