‘Arise, awake and Stop not till the goal is reached’ says a popular saying by Swami Vivekananda. It is a universal saying accepted by every one who want achieve success but the actual problem comes only when the execution comes in to play. People get diverted by worldly pleasures and gets distracted from their targets.And the very few who follow it achieve success

And applying this to film industry, every one in the industry aim to succeed in the endeavours but some how things do not fall in place. Hence the success rate in Tollywood is not even 10%. But one person stands out from the entire lot. He is none other than Rajamouli. The secret of his success is not only creativity or great imagination. It is the amount of hard work and dedication he put in the project that matters a lot. If you have observed, Rajamouli never shaves his beard during his movie shooting and does that only after his movie release. That shows where his actual priorities lie.

PS: Rajamouli is seen with a clean shave in Eega Success Meet