Those of you who regularly keep updated with the know how’s of Telugu cinema and its latest happenings would surely be aware of the phenomenon called Sampoornesh Babu. The actor who stars in the not yet released Hrudaya Kaleyam had become a sensation online thanks to the ridiculously hilarious barb spread all over.

He is the center of all jokes and the new ‘it’ thing for Telugu cinema lovers make fun off. We see many fans of the actor on rise and posing like him all in the name of fun. But the real test of the actor and makers is awaiting tomorrow. Whatever has happened till now wouldn’t matter in a technical and commercial prerogative if the viewers don’t turn up. Because its easy making fun sitting in front of a computer or among friends but its not the same as trying to enjoy it by paying for it.

So far in Telugu cinema we have not seen people succeed with spoofs in a larger narrative sense. Many people have done spoofs including an actor like Allari Naresh but mostly they have been gags based, here in Hrudaya Kaleyam the makers are treading a tight line that hinges on spoof and original story telling with a whacky crazy premise. Pulling off these hence is not as easy as one might think. We have to see if the makers of Hrudaya Kaleyam achieve that.

Are you going to see the film in theaters? If yes then what are your expectations and if no why aren’t you interested in the film? Share us your thoughts.