This may be the question from several Tollywood celebrities who voluntarily came forward and extended their support to Jana Sena head Pawan Kalyan after his first impressive speech at party launch. While most of them kept mum with recent developments with Jana Sena party director Sekhar Kammula expressed his anguish on Pawan’s decision on not to contest in elections and his call to support Modi after so much of preaching and cursing on current political leaders Pawan did.

Sekhar asked Pawan a straight question, what happened to all the anger you have showed us? If all that anger and frustration you showed is just to support Modi then you probably don’t need a ‘Sena’ to do that, wrote disappointed Kammula on his social page.

In fact Sekhar Kammula was the first popular celebrity from the industry who got excited after Pawan’s first speech and extended his full support openly but looks like after pinning so much of hope on Jana Sena, he now joins the group of disappointed by Pawan Kalyan.