Siddharth Disgusting Behavior With Media

The team of Bharateeyudu 2 is in Hyderabad today and had a Q&A session with Telugu Media.

It was a superb session as Kamal and Shankar are towering personalities. It was great to see them talk about cinema and take questions from the media.

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However, Siddharth continued his ‘Rotha’ behavior (meaning disgusting behavior) with the Telugu media.

Siddharth has this identity crisis of feeling superior and always looks down on others, especially the media.

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For certain questions, even though they are not his. He jumps in and gives rude answers disturbing the environment.

In a couple of instances, he was even trying to talk on behalf of the Legendary Kamal Haasan.

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It is understandable if that is a disturbing or inconvenient question. But today’s questions are totally harmless. And look, he is trying to shield the Great Kamal Haasan without realizing we are all mere mortals before him.

Take this example, one journalist was asking a question about Telangana CM Revanth Reddy asking celebrities to do short videos on issues like Drugs etc.

This question was asked to Kamal Haasan, and before he could answer, Siddharth jumped in and said he had done a safe sex awareness campaign long ago.

If he boasts about himself, that’s fine. But he said actors do that himself and the Chief Ministers can not ask them to do something to get something.

This is his arrogance towards a people-elected Chief Minister who was talking about an important social cause.

He even ended up the answer saying “Kamal Sir, Rakul, you need not answer this question”.

Come on, why did you bring Rakul into this? Probably he wants to be a hero by bringing in the actress even though she is not at all related.

He even tried to school a Senior Journalist about the questions the media was asking. 

Occasionally, there will be some questions that may be inconvenient. The respective celebrity will handle such questions. If they are even problematic, such journalists are exposed on social media.

That is not the case here. Siddharth is getting triggered for no reason. Basically, he has a very cheap opinion about others, especially the media. Also, he tries to be relevant by cheap stunts like this.

In the event, Siddharth said something like this – “I spent my last twenty years, telling about Boys and I will spend the next twenty, telling about Indian 2”

Sorry, but Siddharth should do something to better his track record. You can not sit beside the Kamal Haasan when you have zero respect for others.

It is not that the media can not give him back in the language that suits him the best. It is just that they have respect for him for making a name here before going up the ladder.
But then, if this disgusting behavior continues, the day is not far when his ‘Athi’ (Excessive Behavior) will be called out appropriately. 

The producers who cast Siddharth in their films and bring him to Hyderabad for promotions should take care of this.