Sreeleela emerged out of nowhere, landing roles in multiple films and already having six released with more lined up. Excluding Bhagavanth Kesari, where she didn’t play the lead, she’s faced three flops, completing a hat-trick.

From Ram’s Skanda to Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s Aadikeshava and Nithiin’s Extra Ordinary Man, Sreeleela’s streak includes three consecutive flops.

Even though Nithiin’s film has just been released, in terms of word-of-mouth and official U.S. tracking, it seems to be heading for a washout. Sreeleela’s role in this film is nothing short of a joke.

It clearly shows that she is only focused on maximizing earnings while the demand exists, not concerned about longevity or reputation.

She has just completed a hat-trick, and people on social media are already commenting that she can only dance, not act.