Swamy Ra Ra director gets Nag’s approval
Director Sudheer Varma has been laying low despite giving one of the most appreciated successful films of last year Swamy Ra Ra. Sources say, while that may be what appears on the outside, the director has been in touch with lots of actors at various points pitching his stories. A few were even leaked in the media but nothing materialized back then.

One of the projects that the director was associated with in rumors even last year was a film with actor Akkineni Nagarjuna. The actor had apparently liked the story idea and things stopped at that point. The latest one hears on this is that the director has finally managed to get the nod of approval from the actor and the film could finally take off anytime in the later half of the year. Except for the fact that he would be directing the star nothing else regarding the film in question has been confirmed. We hope to hear some more good and official news fro this project soon.