Taraka_Ratna_Wife_Alekhya_BalakrishnaThe Nandamuri family had to go through a lot lately with the sad passing of Nandamuri Tarakaratna. This shook the entire family and particularly so, the wife and young kids of Tarakaratna.

Now, Tarakaratna’s wife Alekhya Reddy has penned an emotional note pertaining to Balakrishna who stood by the family when them needed him more than ever.

Alekhya took to social media to thank Balakrishna for being there for the family in the darkest of times.

“The only man we call as family, the only man who stood like a rock in good and bad times til the very end.. from carryin you to the hosp like a father, to sitting next to you on ur bedside, singing for you like a mother, trying to make you react to the silly jokes and shedding a tear when nobody was around, he was there through it all, Alekhya wrote on Instagram.

She also shared a morphed photo of Balakrishna with Tarakaratna and the kids. The emotion behind the note is clearly to be seen here.

It is known that Balakrishna was right by Tarakaratna’s side right from when he collapsed with heart attack and followed him to the hospital. Also, it was Balakrishna who personally oversaw the final rites as well.