tripura teaserColors Swathi has such beautiful eyes that they can speak volumes without uttering a word. Huge and expressive with a tint of naughtiness! Here comes a teaser where we can see how the camera has caught the most beautiful expressions of a Telugu girl. So native and innocent but teasing!

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If any traditional eligible bachelor gets to look at the teaser of Swathi’s upcoming horror thriller ‘Tripura’, its unlikely that he wouldn’t fall in love with those beautiful eyes and want the embodiment of ‘padahaaranaala Telugu paduchu’ to be his bride. When he begins to fall in love and gets lost for the love in her eyes, suddenly those eyes turn into horrific expression and try to scare the hell out of him.

‘Tripura’, the sequel of successful movie ‘Geethanjali’ is direced by Raj Kiran. Swathi is playing the main lead, her eyes and her expressions hold promise that this one also would follow the prequel on a successful path. Happy to see Swathi back in a Telugu movie after ‘Karthikeya’.

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