Actor Prudhvi Raj, who plays villain roles in movies, has criticized Kiran Kumar Reddy as a CM-failure. Different cities have many great people whom we will remember forever and coming to Andhra Pradesh, we have a person, not great, whom people will never forget. Ex-CM Kiran Kumar Reddy is that person who is an example of a CM-failure. Enjoying the CM post for many years and pretending to work towards the unification of the state, KKR has betrayed the people of Seemandhra.

He is the only CM who became the CM directly from being a speaker, even without handling the responsibilities of any minister. Just like a Junior artist becoming a Hero over-night because of luck. He was not the chosen one but the lucky one to grab that post after K.Rosaiah resigned. During the bifurcation movement, almost every citizen of Seemandhra, men, women and children ran the movement, letting go of their exams and jobs but KKR could not handle the movement well because he did not work so hard. On the other hand, KCR has done exceptionally good. He said that he will bring Telangana and he did it, over a movement that lasted 13 years, praised Prudhvi Raj.

Knowing that KKR will not be allowed in any party to contest in the elections, he had to choose the worst option; forming a party. Although he formed a party, one can say that he will not have any support from the people for what he did to them. Everyone will remember this personality, for he was the CM when the bifurcation of the two Telugu lands happened, fumed this TFI villain.