Tollywood Grossly Misusing Pan India TagPan India tag is a rather substantial one and Tollywood has mastered the craft with Baahubali, Pushpa, RRR, and others. But of late, this tag is getting misused.

Films like Das Ka Dhamki, Shakuntalam, Virupaksha and Agent we’re self proclaimed pan Indian films. The makers vowed to release them in pan India languages during their promotions.

As for Agent, it was released in Telugu and in Malayalam, the latter thanks to Mammootty. Shakuntalam released in Telugu and Hindi. Das Ka Dhamki didn’t release in any other language.

As it turned out, all these films used the pan India tag just for garnishing purpose. None of them were released in pan Indian languages.

Then there’s Virupaksha which was released in other languages, a couple of weeks after the Telugu release. Sai Dharam Tej even promoted the film in Tamil.

However, despite the other langauge release, Virupaksha didn’t do any noise at other box offices.

As it appears, many Telugu films are using the pan India tag just to get fancy satellite and OTT deals. They’re comfortably ignoring other languages after the Telugu release. This is a blatant misuse of the tag and needs to be stopped before the word “Pan India” becomes comical, if it isn’t already.