Writer turned Director Trivikram Srinivas can be termed as one of the most unluckiest directors in Telugu. Even though, he put in his 100% efforts, all his movies fail to do well at the box office due to some other reasons. This trend is on right from his first movie, Athadu to recent movie, Khaleja. However, all his movies do tremendously well when telecast on TV. All Trivikram movies do extremely well on TV and fetch highest TRPs than any other movies. The satellite rights of Trivikram’s first movie, Athadu were picked up by MAA TV for a period of 6 years, when the movie released. That term expired recently. It is heard that MAA has paid approximately 3.5 Crores to renew the satellite rights for an additional six years. This is a whopping sum for a renewal and this shows how popular that movie is even to this day.

And on the similar lines, Trivikram’s latest movie Khaleja satellite movies were bought by MAA TV for a whopping 5.7C which is the highest in recent times. It is no exaggeration calling Trivikram, the small screen Rajamouli