Jr NTR RRR Movie USA FansIn one of his interviews, NTR was asked as to what was the craziest thing that a fan has ever done for him. NTR said he does not want to pinpoint anything and if he reveals it, they will do something even bigger and surprise him.

The same has exactly happened in the U.S. now as die hard NTR fans have readied a first of its kind airplane banner. A small video has gone viral where a small chartered plane is shown hoisting a banner with the title “Tokkukuntu Povalae Jai NTR #RRR” in mid air. Usually, we see such expensive promotions by production houses but not from fans.

Tokkukuntu Povale is NTR’s dialogue in RRR that is owned by NTR fanbase. Not stopping at that, fans in the U.S. have challenged NTR asking him what kind of crazy promotion he wants for his films next.

NTR is coming back on screen after a gap of four years and fans cannot wait to have a glimpse of their favorite star on screen. That is also the reason, a crazy fan in Dallas, Texas bought 75 tickets for the premiere show. In the past, fans have done so many crazy things for NTR but this airplane banner has taken things to another level.

The wait is getting even more special as NTR is doing a film with Rajamouli after a long gap. RRR is up for a release on the 25th of this month and NTR will be seen in the role of Bheem.