M9 News Journalist Nishant sat with Hero Sundeep Kishan ahead of the release of his next film, Ooru Peru Bhairavakona releasing on February 16th.

“Ooru Peru Bhairavakona is inspired by our Indian Folklore. We have set a fictitious fantasy element in it. It is the story about how a thief lands in a village with his bounty and what happens there,” he said.

The actor also added they took so much care to ensure the love story blends properly into the core element of the film. “We took enough care. Love Story is certainly important in the film but in no way, it will hinder the flow of the film. There is a perfect blend in the film. I am sure it will certainly impress the audience.

Sundeep Kishan spoke his heart out about how six producers are trying to dictate terms in the industry. “We are not even given a chance to pick subjects. They distribute the stories to heroes as they like. If we do not listen to them, they will retaliate. Recently, I rejected a producer’s story, he ensured that one of my other projects got canceled,” he said.

He also explained how these producers have control over other projects given the fact they give advances to directors and will blackmail using them.

“It is a very difficult time for someone like me to sustain in the industry,” he said.

Sundeep Kishan explained how Bhairavakona is not at all related to Virupaksha even though the template has some similarities.

He also spoke about people’s perception of VI Anand who is impressive in picking good subjects but failing to mount them properly.

The actor also elaborated on what went wrong with his last film, Michael.

Sundeep Kishan also responded to criticism of him in the recent Kumari Aunty issue.