What Happens With Vallabhaneni Vamsi Next?Vallabhaneni Vamsi is likely to continue as an MLA but will not join YSR Congress. This is to avoid disqualification and by-election. Vamsi does not want to take risk of facing a by-election and at the same time, Jagan does not want the black mark of defections. This will serve both the purposes.

TDP has suspended him from the party and many believe that it helps Vamsi to support YSR Congress directly. Speaker, Tammineni Sitaram, the other day, told the media that Vamsi may be recognized as an Independent MLA if TDP suspends him. However, there is a contradiction.

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“Since he is a member of a political party, he is suspended from the party. However, Suspended member continues to be a member of that political party which gave him B-form. The party will have all rights on him including disqualifying him,” famous lawyer Ravi Shankar Jandhyala opined.

That will mean Vamsi had to obey TDP’s Whip in the State Assembly. But then, this is the season of Speakers making their own rules and intercepting rules as they like. Let us see what happens finally!

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