Early in 2000s, Prakash Raj used to be in every big movie. There are times when movie buffs wondered if they can imagine Telugu cinema with out Prakash Raj. But slowly Prakash Raj slowed down and cinema as it does every time moved forward. But very few know what exactly happened with Prakash Raj’s career. The actor is too tough to handle. As his fame and popularity increased, he became pricy and used to throw tantrums. So, producers started exploring other options.

Now Prakash Raj missed one more film due to his indiscipline. He was shown door out of Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu after persistent indiscipline, Srinu Vaitla replaced him with Sonu Sood and even started shooting with Sonu. The incident took place on Wednesday when Prakash Raj all of sudden declared that he is not coming on Thursday. Fed up with him, Producers immediately called Sonu Sood who is shooting in Mumbai. Sonu was in Hyderabad on Thursday and the makers went on shooting with him even with out intimating Prakash Raj. Incidentally, Sonu Sood also played a villain in Mahesh Babu and Srinu Vaitla’s earlier blockbuster film, Dookudu.