YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been very cautious about what the National Media writes about him and his party.

In the last five years, YSR Congress cleverly managed the National Media and we have seen the Media houses publish Advertorials about the Government.

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G.O.s were given allotting money to some Media houses. And in the recent elections, we have seen Jagan and his wife sitting at the Lunch Table with a National Media Journalist.

But then, all that has been lost in a matter of less than ten days.

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On polling day, we saw widespread coverage of Tenali MLA Annabattuni Sivakumar slapping a voter in a polling booth and later getting slapped by the commoner.

The video spread viral on WhatsApp and Social Media and National Media had no chance of ignoring it.

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Cut to now, it is the turn of Macherla MLA Pinnelli Rama Krishna Reddy.

A video has surfaced online in which the MLA is seen barging into a Polling Booth and smashing an EVM machine.

This incident also got extensive coverage in the National Media.

It is a matter of time before the MLA will be arrested since the Election Commission has taken the issue seriously.

That will again be a topic of discussion in the media locally and nationally.

Years of Media Management are completely lost with two incidents.

The only respite in this entire episode is that Pinnelli’s video did not come out on Polling Day like Sivakumar’s.

If that happened, it would have caused huge damage to the party in the Polling.