Mother-Harasses-DaughterIn a shocking incident that came to light today, a woman, 40, a native of Vijayanagaram district of Andhra Pradesh was found injecting her own daughter with unidentified liquids in a bid to make her a heroine.

The mother wanted to make her daughter, 15, a heroine. Upon the suggestion of one of her male companions, she started injecting liquids into her daughter’s body. As a result, the child fell ill often. She even pleaded with her mother not to do this.

But the mother continued her heinous acts and with no other option left, the daughter contacted the Child Welfare Commission who quickly altered the local authorities.

The local authorities took the child into the care unit and are treating her. The mother has been detained and is due to face legal consequences for her brainless acts.

Apparently, the mother was influenced by a man who suggested her to inject unidentified fluids into her daughter to make certain body parts bulge up which would help her become a heroine soon.