capital bhoomi pooja area changeIt is known that the Andhra Pradesh government is gearing up for the Bhoomi Pooja of the capital on June 6th. The government had made elaborate arrangements for this ceremony and had selected 20 acres in Survey numbers 134,136 belonging to relatives of zPTC Narendra Babu for the important event.

While government is busy making the arrangements, it is revealed that Narendra Babu’s relative Bejawada Venkateswara Rao’s wife Dhanalakshmi was cremated after her death in the same area. Some argue that it is not auspicious to conduct the Bhoomi Pooja in this area.

Government is in talks with the Pandits regarding what should be done now. Few say, government can still go on with this area by performing some more rituals to purify the land. Chief minister Chandrababu Naidu will complete the Bhoomi Puja on that day and the entire rituals are expected to last for about 9 hours that day.