Pawan Kalyan Lokesh Macherla

Andhra Pradesh elections command the highest amount of attention amongst all elections in India and naturally, there is a whole lot of betting action going on the same.

As per the news reports, the majority of these bettors are picking interesting aspects like Lokesh’s majority, Pawan Kalyan’s prospects in Mangalagiri, and YCP’s Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy facing his first defeat in Macherla.

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Apparently, the most popular stream in this betting program is that Lokesh would win Mangalagiri by 20K+ votes. This bracket has seen over 3-4 crore betting, say reports.

Pawan Kalyan’s majority from Pithapuram is another popular bracket here. It is reported that people are betting lakhs of rupees on Pawan getting 30K+ majority here.

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About Macherla, which has been with Pinnelli for the last 4 terms is being tipped to tilt towards TDP this time and this is another super popular betting market, say reports.

Then there is conventionally high stakes on the majority of Jagan Mohan Reddy and Chandrababu which are anyway common. It is evident that several crores are riding on the election campaign in AP this time around.

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