Election Commission

Andhra Pradesh witnessed significant violence and unrest during the recent general election polling, with disturbances continuing for three days post-polling.

These clashes, instigated by YCP leaders, prompted TDP leaders to file complaints with the Election Commission (EC). Taking these incidents seriously, the EC has now taken a shocking decision.

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The Election Commission has directed all petrol station owners in Andhra Pradesh not to fill petrol and diesel in plastic containers or bottles following incidents of post-poll violence on May 13 (polling day) and the subsequent days.

During the recent elections in parts of Andhra Pradesh, especially in the districts of Tirupati, Anantapur, and Palnadu, law and order deteriorated significantly.

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Although the imposition of Section 144 in these districts has helped improve the situation, intelligence reports have indicated the possibility of further clashes. In response, the government has taken proactive measures to maintain peace.

The election commission has ordered the AP state government to impose restrictions on petrol stations, banning the sale of petrol in plastic bottles and cans.

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Petrol station owners have been warned that they will face criminal charges if they fill petrol into such containers. This decision aims to prevent any further violent incidents.

Accordingly, instructions have been issued to ensure that notice boards reflecting this ban are displayed at all petrol stations across the state.

Additionally, the Petrol Bank Association has urged petrol station owners to adhere to these government orders.