Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is celebrating his Birthday today. The Birthday comes just days before the Assembly Elections.

The last year has been very eventful in Chandrababu’s career. He had to spend more than 50 days in jail implicated in hollow cases. While many say this vendetta politics will increase multifold on Naidu if he is not elected to power, the fact is that Andhra Pradesh needs Babu now more than ever.

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Andhra Pradesh is yet to come out of the bifurcation blues. The state is without capital and is marching ahead with a deficit budget.

AP people got alarmed by the situation after the bifurcation and elected Naidu.

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The problem with the people of Andhra Pradesh is they remember Chandrababu only when in crisis. In the heat of the bifurcation, they felt the need.

But AP is not a backward state to collapse all of a sudden. There is always a cushion before such a collapse.

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Also, Chandrababu made some quick fixes. We have seen industries like Kia, Foxconn, Medtech Zone, etc come to AP. Polavaram was a stop-gap arrangement for Polavaram and there is significant progress in Polavaram. Amaravati construction has started.

There was a feeling that things were not worse for the state. So, the people did not feel the pinch in 2019 and gave Jagan Mohan Reddy a chance.

The cushion that Andhra Pradesh enjoyed is slowly depleted with zero focus on investments and infrastructure creation. The financial condition was pushed into a red zone with mindless freebies and no scope of increasing revenues.

The bubble will burst very soon unless there is a crisis manager for the next five years.

Having capital, finishing Polavaram, and attracting more investments to create jobs should be the immediate priorities to steady the ship.

Jagan’s vision in the last five years clearly indicated that he does not care about these things and does not even understand them.

If Naidu is not given a chance now, Jagan will focus only on dolling out of sops and the state will collapse any time.

If Jagan is voted to power, a wrong message will be sent to Jagan that all people want are freebies and do not care for development. That will lead to unimaginable consequences for a progressive state like Andhra Pradesh.

Once that happens, no one can save the state.

What happens to Chandrababu and TDP if not given a chance is not a big issue. Politicians and parties can come and vanish. But the future of a state and Crores of people are at stake with the outcome of this election.

2024-29 will be period of no return for Andhra Pradesh, if the people take a wrong decision.

Hopefully, people will be mindful of that when they go out to vote on May 13th.